• Best Email service online 2022

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    What is an Email Service?

    An email service is a company that offers tools and functions for businesses to send bulk emails. In addition, they also help with the implementation of email marketing. These services are designed to offer user-friendly features that allow businesses to manage email design, emailing lists, analytics and metrics to determine success

    best Email service online @ Affordable Price

    1.Zoho Email Services

    Zoho Email Services is an email suite that boasts over 15 million users. Besides, the organization has experience of over a decade that makes them the leader in this field. It is quite experienced with handling large amounts of data, user accounts management, enterprise management and complex workflows. This is one of the best professional mailing services that has a wide array of features for guaranteed results. Being a business-oriented email service, it is designed to cater to all of your emailing requirements.

    Attractive Features:

    • Contact Management
    • Live Chat
    • Response Management
    • Routing


    • Free trial is available
    • Plans starting from $1 per month
    • Mail Lite: $1/user/month (5GB per user)
    • Mail Premium: $4/user/month (50GB per user)
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    2.Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 isn't just PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. It also offers business-class email, teamwork solutions and online storage as well. Also, you can access these from anywhere. The software has regular updates that you to experience the best features and functions. At the same time, it also has many security and privacy controls that safeguard business data. It also offers other resources like Skype and Microsoft Teams to bring groups together for higher productivity

    Attractive Features:

    • Collaboration Tools
    • Document Management
    • Document Storage
    • Task Management


    • No free trial
    • No free version
    • Business Basic: $5 per user per month
    • Individual: $5.84 per user per month
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    3.Google Workspace

    Google Workspace is the ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses for email productivity. With this email service software, teams can easily share their work and collaborate. In addition, it is an affordable solution for those looking for cheaper alternatives. Plus, it is also the best choice for schools and educational institutions to collaborate between students and teachers

    Using this software boosts your productivity. Also, you can easily switch between documents, emails, calendars and chat. It offers a seamless experience without any sort of hassles. This productivity suite is the perfect addition to your business.

    Attractive Features:

    • Productivity Applications
    • Easy collaboration
    • Diverse Applications


    • No free trial
    • No free version
    • Business Starter: $6/user/month
    • Business Standard: $12/user/month
    • Business Plus: $18/user/month
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    Proton Mail is a leading email service system that is quite popular and renowned all over the world. This email service offers a lot of security features along with end-to-end encryption thay users love. These also help with keeping your communications private and confidential. It has a simple layout which makes it easy for everyone to use the software

    At the same time, Proton offers a wide plethora of features that are not usually found in other competitive software. Be it interface simplicity, email encryption, pricing structure or ease of use, Proton excels in every aspect. Besides, this software is the perfect solution for both personal as well as professional requirements.

    Attractive Features:

    • End-To-End Encryption
    • Secure System
    • Privacy
    • Modern User Interface


    • ProtonMail Plus: $5 per month
    • ProtonMail Visionary: $30 per month
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    5.Yahoo Small Business

    As the name suggests, Yahoo Small Business is designed for small businesses to help them grow and succeed. It helps startups get online and grow online using interesting unique tools that help them get into business. This software provides easy to use tools that allow small business owners to make their presence felt in the world of the internet.

    The software is very secure with high efficiency which is why it is popular among the masses. Besides, the user interface is simple yet interactive which makes it easy even for a beginner to use the software. So, if you are into startups, then we highly suggest you get yourself this Yahoo Small Business software.

    Attractive Features:

    • Activity Tracking
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Filter/Search


    • Plans start from $3.75 per month
    • Basic Plan: $3.75 per month (Small personal sites)
    • Advanced plan: $5.99 per month (Business sites)
    • Premier plan: $8.99 per month (Heavy traffic sites)
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    So here are the best email services that offer great quality features at an amazing price. If you are into a start-up or a larger corporation, a reliable email service system in place will help you manage everything better. Let us know your feedback and suggestions.