• Best Project Management software 2022

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    What is Agile Methodology?

    Agile methodology is a type of project management used by teams in organisations to save money, time and boost productivity as well. Besides, they also offer flexibility to cater to your business requirements.

    The teams communicate and collaborate well which ensures all processes take place on time. √ Projects can be completed at a greater speed. √ Agile methodology allows you to track the speed of the development process without

    Top 7 Agile Project Management Software @ Affordable Prices For SMB

    1. Monday.com

    Monday.com is a project management platform that is also an award-winning collaboration site. It helps teams plan their goals and achieve them effectively. The platform is designed to execute complex projects into simpler tasks to deliver them before deadlines.

    The tools offer flexibility and ease of use to teams that the breakdown down the projects into smaller achievable tasks. With a variety of features to boast, Monday.com has been in the news for the right reasons.

    Some of the interesting features of the software are time tracking, calendar integration, workflow automation and an integrated kanban board. Furthermore, you can also integrate it with third-party applications for better communication.


    • Basic Plan: starts at $10 per seat/month/billed monthly
    • Standard Plan: starts at $12 per seat/month/billed monthly
    • Pro Plan: starts at $20 per seat/month/billed monthly
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      2. JIRA

      Jira is considered to be one of the best solutions for software developers and agile teams. The agile technology makes it simpler for team members to collaborate on the project.

      Jira offers a wide range of tools like kanban board and scrum that are versatile enough to manage agile teams. This enables teams to visualize workflows that allow them to see the progress of the project. Managers can understand the phases where they are delayed and the ones where they are doing well.

      Besides, Jira supports multiple project views and agile sprints as well. With issue management, bug tracking, and customization options, Jira makes for an ideal solution for software development.


      • Free: $0 - always free for 10 users
      • Standard: $7 per user, $70 a month
      • Premium: $14 per user, $140 a month
      • >Enterprise: Get in touch with the team for detailed estimates.
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      3. Zoho Projects

      This one is a cloud-based project management software that assists you with projects. Currently, it has over 200,000 customers worldwide and is quite a popular tool to help execute projects to perfection.

      With Zoho Projects, you can assign tasks, track them, and communicate with teams for updates. This also allows clients to be involved in the process. Besides, the software keeps a check on the progress so that you deliver them on time. Zoho Projects has a wide array of features that will blow your mind.

      From Gantt Charts, Time Sheets, Blueprints and amazing customization features, Zoho Projects make for the perfect choice for software development. It is designed to cater to Saas businesses of all sizes.


      • Free: $0 (3 users, 2 projects)
      • Premium: $4/month/user if billed annually (upto 50 users)
      • Enterprise: $9/month/user if billed annually (unlimited users)
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      4. Kanban Tool

      Kanban Tool allows users to organize their workflows and enhance their project delivery. The project management platform enables users to visualize the process in detail.

      Additionally, this is an affordable solution that you can find for your business. Get real-time team collaboration tools that assist in managing project tasks. Also, the tool allows tracking deadlines, organize tasks, and allocate resources.

      It offers cloud-based solutions and on-premise deployment as well. Besides, you can operate the tool in both android and iOS applications. Some features include team collaboration tools, easy task management, analytics, file sharing and more.


      • Free: $0 (free for 2 users)
      • Team: $5/user/month
      • Enterprise: $9/user/month
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      5. Kissflow Project

      Kissflow Project is a cloud-based project management solution preferred by businesses to enhance processes. The collaborative platform helps to create plans, manage tasks, set reminders, notifications, file shares to simplify the project creation process.

      It allows you to manage teams, work and projects all in one place. With better visibility and transparency features, deliver complex projects within set deadlines.

      Kissflow Project is used by over 10,000 customers from 160 countries. Everything is built with a simple interface which makes it easy for everyone to use. No mapping or complex coding is needed to use the tool.


      • Starter: $35/month (5 users, 5 projects)
      • Pro: $60/month (5 users, 10 projects)
      • Enterprise: Get in touch with the team for detailed pricing information.
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      6. Asana

      Asana is a one-stop destination for all of your project management worries. It has more than 100,000 organizations across 190 countries that depend on Asana for streamlining and managing its company objectives.

      With Asana, you can create project plans, manage them, add teams, assign tasks and track the progress of the projects. It also allows you to keep clients in the loop to make sure they are updated with the necessary information.

      Follow tasks, upload new tasks, share notes, combine related tasks, and organize them as per priority. Do all this and more with the Asana tool.


      • Premium: $10.99 per user, per month
      • Business: $24.99 per user, per month
      • Enterprise: Contact the team for pricing information
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      Trello is another project management tool best for planning tasks and managing projects. The collaboration tool is commonly used by agile software development teams.

      However, they are also extensively used in other departments like sales, marketing, HR and support. Trello offers tools that help businesses meet their project requirements. These tools track workflows to ensure the smooth operation of the software development.

      It comprises a digital board that enables to create, organize and manage tasks. Besides, the platform offers a professional package that is best suitable for large-sized enterprises. It integrates with several third party applications like Google Drive, JIRA Cloud, Slack and more.


      • Starts from $12.50 per month
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      The Agile Methodology is a powerful framework that helps team members, managers, and clients deliver quality software at the fastest pace. Not only does it boost the quality of the project but also helps in the professional development of the members. That being said, these Agile Project Management Tools simplify the process and assist in managing tasks. Besides, it enables overcoming obstacles and prevent excessive costs


      • Improved project predictability
      • Reduced risks
      • Higher customer satisfaction
      • Superior quality product

      So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best Agile Project Management Tools and experience a smooth project development process!