• Best SEO tools @ Free/ Affordable Price

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    What is SEO tools ?

    SEO tools examine the intellect of the web pages for ranking higher on the search engine result pages. It delivers information on keywords and backlinks and even some perspectives to web-based SEO contests. Having a good ranking on search engines enhances traffic, sales and appearance. Also, they increase your business whether it's small, medium or large.

    Whether you are in search of the best SEO tools at an affordable price range? In this content, we have provided a list of SEO tools to best suit your budget for the newbies and smaller firms. Most of the Google Seo tools detailed below provide the attributes like keyword research, SEO checker and the potential for doing an SEO audit and analysis of backlinks. Next, we shall see the few SEO tools which could support you in launching a successful online platform or blog.

    Top SEO tools @ Free/ Affordable Price

    1. Google Analytics/ Google Search Console

    Google Analytics is a customer-centric tool that gathers information on persons who visit and actively participate with your site. Google search console is geared to search engines, bringing the data and resources to assist the site operators in enhancing the exposure and occurrence on the SERPs

    By itself, Google Analytics is incredibly powerful, if you start pairing them with a Google search console that becomes much more efficient than ever before on linking your Google search console account with Google Analytics you have. Easy access to information and the keywords users had used to discover your site, organic CTR and much more.

    Attractive Features:

    • Data visualization
    • Data import/ export
    • Funnel analysis
    • Customer segmentation
    • Referral tracking
    • search/filter
    • Pageview Tracking
    • Site search tracking
    • Time on site tracking
    • Interactive reports


    • The standard one in Google analytics is free while the Google analytics 360 pricing is around $1,50,000/year. Thus a free version is seen in it but no free trial in them.
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    2. UberSuggest

    Ubersuggest has a good keyword database, it displays ways to succeed in SEO you shall enter a domain or keyword and then begin it for usage. Using this smart tool can avail domain overview, content ideas and SEO tools. Using this SEO tool it’s possible to aid in the creation of new keyword ideas for boosting and widening the content marketing stratagem. Thus avail the competitor’s information along with keyword suggestions using

    These SEO tools are free just you need to enter the keyword which you wish to rank for then the tool will render with length info on the search volumes, keyword difficulty etc. the keyword suggestion also you can avail with it.

    Attractive Features:

    • Competitive analysis
    • Dashboard
    • Keyword rank tracking
    • Keyword research tools and link management
    • Website analytics
    • Keyword tracking
    • Trend analysis


    • It comes with a free plan and a starting price of $12 per month in paid options for an individual. $20/month for business usage. It comes with a single time license and subscription
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    3. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

    Evaluate the range of keywords in the keyword. Meta description and it’s related. Inspect the Robots meta tag parameters to determine whether or not search engines are enabled to crawl the web page. Also, access the image’s Alt attributes for keywords, observe the phrase and page heading features on the web pages.

    Attractive Features:

    • Verify the site for SEO
    • Analyze the HTTP headers
    • Analyse the relevance of the title tag
    • Examine the Robots meta tag directions
    • Detect the page’s keyphrases
    • Test the internal and external URL links on the webpage
    • Test the keywords seen in Anchor tags
    • Detect the phrase elements


    • It has a plan beginning with $129.90/month. Also, there exists a free trial option in it.
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    4. SEMRush

    SEMRush discovers the SEO tendencies of a particular segment of the market. It helps to monitor the on-page SEO opportunities to enhance your site’s lead generation SEMRush compiles data to aid in determining whether you and your competitors have been performing the toolkits to offer customized reports that you could adapt as per your specifications. SEMRush could assist you to build significant backlinks by discovering whether you could avail it when you were acquiring from trusted sources.

    Attractive Features:

    • Keyword research
    • On-page SEO
    • Competitor analysis
    • Content marketing
    • Local SEO
    • Rank tracking
    • Social media management
    • Link building
    • Competitor SEO analysis
    • Content creation and distribution
    • Content optimization
    • Competitor monitoring
    • Website monetization


    • The start price of SEMRush is $99.95 per month. The Rung up plan is $199.95/month.
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    5.Moz Pro

    It is a collection of SEO tools intended to help increase site traffic, rankings and visibility in Google search results. The potential to evaluate your site with the Moz Pro crawler, which will reveal the inherent pitfalls and give valuable data, was among the most essential components.

    Attractive Features:

    • Multiple search engines
    • Seo insights
    • 1-on-1 walkthrough
    • 24-hour online support
    • Data import/export
    • Performance metrics
    • Reporting and statistics
    • Social media integration
    • Campaign management
    • API
    • Activity dashboard


    • Standard plan with $99/month
    • medium-$179/month
    • Large- $249/month>
    • Premium-$599/month
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    6.Google Optimize

    It is a Google leading split-testing tool that you might embed into your site to experiment on various techniques of providing the content. Google optimizes renders on A/B testing, multivariate examination and redirect tests. The conversion rate enhancement is a prominent usage for optimization (CRO).

    Attractive Features:

    • A/B or A/B/n testing
    • Spilt URC testing
    • Multivariate testing
    • Server-side examinations
    • Customization
    • Additional simultaneous experiments


    • The pricing seems to be around $150,000/year. A free version is found in it.
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    7. SPYFu

    It is a popular keyword analytical and comparative potential tool that digital marketers use to strengthen their web search performance. SPYFu is used to determine, see which query keywords in the opponents both paid and organic search operations are perhaps very lucrative.

    Attractive Features:

    • Identify high-value Keywords
    • Gives insights on SEO
    • Competitive analysis
    • Backlink research can be done
    • Keyword rank tracking attributes
    • SEO research
    • Best online performance enhancer


    • Basic Plan- $39/month, perfect for persons who don’t require API access
    • Professional Plan- $78/month, suitable for firms that need to monitor 15000 keywords or have API access.
    • Team Plan- $299/ month, suitable for crews who require 5 user accounts.
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    I hope the above-furnished information will really be useful to everyone and now you can choose your free SEO tools and utilize them well in a desired online platform. Thereby enhance the website visibility, site traffic and website performance etc. based on your requirements from the tons of free SEO tools, you can choose the best cheap free SEO tool. These can help grab the audience's attention and then try to hold them as your user constantly.

    Overall Google Analytics, Google Search Console are the best and effective SEO tools. When you want to build high traffic sites and enhance their performance then it’s best to opt for a paid SEO tool. That’s for now and will come up with an interesting segment.